timeless-beauty-headerBecause the resources and labor that go into any structure are astounding, we don’t take lightly the construction of any building. We strive to create buildings that will last, be loved, function well and be valued for generations. We’re clear that to achieve these goals, a building and its surroundings must be beautiful.

But what is beautiful and how do we know that it will stand the test of time? We employ traditional architectural patterns that have been evolving for millennia and are proven to produce those beautiful, pleasing and timeless buildings still standing today. Far too many buildings today, even many celebrated “green” projects, are essentially an architectural experiment likely to go out of style and eventually be torn down.

Instead we have created a South Main Style that incorporates traditional design patterns suitable and indigenous to our mountain climate which we feel confident will stand the test of time. We also incorporate local materials, artistry and craftsmanship to produce a home that we know you will love.