The Eve of an Era: Brew Pub to Open May 22nd
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rendering-croppedBy Dustin Heron Urban

The time has finally come for Eddyline Restaurant and Brewery to open its doors. Actually, you’ll have to wait until May 22nd for that much-anticipated occasion. But at that time, Eddyline, located on South Main’s River Park Square, will open for business in conjunction with Colorado Kayak Supply’s Paddlefest and the Buena Vista Pro Rodeo, (both events will also take place in the square fromowners May 22nd-May 24th).

On the eve of Eddyline’s opening, I caught up with co-owner Mic Heynekamp for a few questions. He was on his way to the hardware store to pick up some supplies for his first round of brewing.

DU: So how’s the timeline looking for your May 22nd opening?

MH: Really good. We’re working now to make our first beer on Friday. We’re starting our Heynekamp’s Dutch Lager that day. By opening, we plan to have our lager, IPA, pale ale, a dark lager and a stout on tap. [Please note that several of these brews remain unnamed. Eddyline is accepting name ideas for just a few more days. To submit your brilliant brew name ideas, please click here].

DU: What would you like folks to know about the brewery on the eve of itsuphigh opening?

MH: We are always open for suggestions and comments. Make your voice heard, and we will listen, whether it’s positive or negative. If someone has an idea, we’ll entertain it. We want the locals to know that come opening day, this becomes your place. From that day forward, you get to change and sculpt it, so speak up.

Also, Tuesdays will be locals’ day. If you show a driver’s license with a zip code in the area from Salida to Leadville, we’ll give you 20% off.

DU: Any menu recommendations?

MH: Anything off the wood-fired grill is pretty amazing. What allows us to be here is that we did our pizzas and calzones right from daymay-eupdate-25 one [at their other Restaurant and Brewery in Socorro, New Mexico]. Scratch-made dough and scratch-made sauce. If you want to see why we’re here today, try our pizza. If you want to spoil yourself, try something from the grill.

DU: How has it been working with South Main in general and South Main Building Company (SMBC) specifically?

MH: Molly and I couldn’t be happier with the whole process. SMBC and their team far exceeded our expectations and went well above and beyond. One of our concerns coming in was the cost of construction of the first homes built. We’re definitely relieved because we have confidence now in South Main happening as a community since it has a builder that can come in on time and on budget. All the work on the building has been done so professionally. Everything came together correctly.

DU: Give us a bit of the story of how the deal came together just in time.

MH: During [last fall’s] credit collapse, we had the pre-approval for X loan amount, and there was no going back because we couldn’t let that number float at the time. It said a lot about SMBC that they would bend over backwards for that number. We made some sacrifices and SMBC made some sacrifices. That’s why we’re here today.”

DU: What advice would you give small business owners looking to move into South Main?

MH: The question we hear most often is whether you’re scared to be off Highway 24. My answer is: we’re not doing this to measure our success next year. You need to look at the 10-year picture. If you invest now in South Main, there’s nowhere else in the state you can get that kind of payback. If you wait for the neighborhood to be half built out, it’s gonna be that much harder. It’s a great bargain at this time. Building and labor costs are cheap. This spot has the best potential in the whole county.

DU: You got a U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) loan, right? How was it securing those funds?

MH: The SBA covered 40% of the loan, Colorado East is in for 50% of the loan, and we put in the rest. We worked with Dan Wallace of Quadrant Financial in Denver to package and present the deal to the SBA properly. We’ve used Dan twice now, and as tough as it is to get a loan at this time, he can make it happen. We will probably end up with a 5.25% interest rate or less when we lock our rate for our permanent loan soon. That was unheard of for a commercial loan a year ago. Now is the time for small businesses to get their act together.

DU: Will you be moving to BV or just here to get things going?

MH: Yes, we are moving here. I already consider myself here full time.

DU: Thanks for your time, Mic. We’re all eagerly awaiting that first pie and pint!

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